Ann Hyde's Legacy ~ Better Elder Care

Ann Hyde, like many people who experience living in adult care homes, found them not really to her liking. It was one of the things that motivated her to support KABC’s efforts to improve care of elders. Ms. Hyde passed away in June 2014 and through her estate, she left gifts to foster the work of organizations addressing issues dear to her. KABC’s advocacy for better care of elders was one of those.

Ann Hyde

Ms. Hyde grew up in New York. Her professional life brought her to KU and Lawrence where she remained, after her long career as manuscripts librarian at the KU Kenneth Spencer Research Library.

Ms. Hyde and her long time friend Alexandra Mason experienced living in adult care homes after illnesses and simply couldn’t wait to get home. Ann found life in such facilities overly restrictive. She was a private person, who enjoyed English brewed tea, formal dining and sleeping late. Having very little choice or control over her daily life and routine seemed an extraordinary price to pay.

Ms. Hyde’s generous gift of nearly $500,000 will be used as she wished for sustained advocacy to assure good care of older adults. Her thoughtful planned gift will help KABC make her desire a reality for years to come. Ann’s gift helps build the foundation needed for KABC to remain a constant voice for good, safe care of older adults, whether with elders, families or policy makers. This major planned gift from Ann’s estate will help KABC continue the work begun 40 years ago by another New Yorker transplanted to Lawrence, KABC’s founder Petey Cerf.

We encourage you to join Ann Hyde in making a contribution or planned gift to KABC’s board-restricted endowment in support of better care for elders. To learn more about making a dedicated gift, contact us or visit the KABC website for a brochure about our “Legacy Society”