Anti-Psychotic Drug Overuse ~ Kansas Families Speak Out (Video)

Kansas ranks 51st worst in the U.S. for the inappropriate, overuse of anti-psychotic drugs on older adults with dementia in nursing facilities. Two Kansas families share their experiences in hopes of safeguarding others…

Kansas Ranking Among States: Look at this report about Anti-psychotic use rates by individual Kansas nursing facilities.

See the 2-minute video from Human Rights Watch here.

On February 6, 2018 Human Rights Watch an international human rights organization published an in-depth look at anti-psychotic drug overuse including in Kansas. The report titled “They Want Docile” presents the findings and actions needed to stop this harmful practice. Kansas is one of six states where investigators met with older adults in nursing facilities, their families, resident advocates, facility nurses and administrators to learn more.

KABC is working with other advocacy organizations and policy makers to create solutions in Kansas. Read Mitzi McFatrich’s Testimony here.

KABC offers training and resources to create more awareness for better dementia care, including this booklet “Positive Approaches” on our website.

Informed Consent is the key to ensuring that an older adults rights are respected. KABC supports a new bill in the Kansas Legislature which would require Informed Written Consent – HB 2704 You can help create a better care practice, contact your state legislators and let them know you support Informed Written Consent.

Contact KABC at info@ if you’d like training, resources, to know who your legislator is, or other help on this issue.

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